SYRIA 2019

IFIA Memorial Medal Awarded to the Minister of Syrian By Masoud Tajbakhsh

31 Aug to 6 Sep, Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh, the representative of the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations (IFIA), made an appearance in the 19th Al Bassel Fair for Invention in Syria, in which 387 inventions participated and 827 Syrian creators and inventors were selected to participate. He gave a worthwhile speech in the awards ceremony, emphasizing IFIA’s opportunities for Syrian inventors to instill and disseminate the culture of invention and innovation among the Syrians, making them familiar with global opportunities, detecting and flourishing invention capacities, especially among women and children.

Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh also had a meeting with Dr. Atef Al-Naddaf, the Minister of Interior trade and consumer consumption of Syria in which he conveyed IFIA president’s message to him, appreciating his and Syria government’s endeavor in successfully arranging and attending to Al Basel exhibition during the past nineteen editions. Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh, thereupon, awarded IFIA’s Memorial Medal to Dr.Atef Al-Naddaf.

The meeting mainly revolved around putting innovations into practice by commercialization, be it innovative technologies advanced by the academia of Syria or independent inventors. The consensus was that putting innovations into business would help maintain the nation’s affluence. Dt. Al-Naddaf also exhibited his gratitude towards Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh and IFIA in general for playing a major role in realizing Syria’s purpose defined in vision 2021.

In the end, the minister communicated his readiness to Mr. Tajbakhsh for engaging in activities as Commercialization, Green Inventions and Technology Transfer in cooperation with IFIA.