Milad Tower 2019

22-24 Sep 2019, “WE MUST GIVE OURSELVES COURAGE” is the name of a conference held in Milad Tower Conference Hall hosted by Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh. The primary subject revolved around facing the challenges with the mindset of eliciting opportunities from them. Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh gave several speeches on this subject prompting the participants to embrace change and breaking the mold, to think out of the box and welcome challenges and difficulties. He insisted that Generations Y and Z find their own potentials even in the midst of unsustainability and recession which hamper them from achieving their own best. He emphasized that the youth and university students detect their own capabilities with regard to success and progress and reinventing themselves.
He has the honor of having hosted almost 3000 enthusiasts during the 3-day conference. Mr. Tajbakhsh encouraged the participants to pay deep attention to and focus on invention, innovation, and fostering their mental faculty towards building a creative mind. He tried to instill this culture that believing in oneself is the magic bullet to intercept a person from limitations and recession. He also stressed on taking one step forward each day, be it little or otherwise, as these little continuous steps, in aggregate, could make such a big difference in the end.