Masoud Tajbakhsh’s Consultations Helped Sleer Company to Achieve In The Invention World In 2021

Masoud Tajbakhsh’s Consultations Led The Sleer Company to Succeed In The First International INV Competition 2021

In July 2021, The First International INV Competition had taken place was a new phenomenon in the invention and innovation community. The reason was that the competition was the first international invention event that was specific for the exclusive members of The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations, IFIA.
Some of the wonders of The First International INV Invention Competition were the winners of the Best Medal. This title was dedicated to Mr. Vahid Niroumand and his team for designing the world’s first Integrated Triple Converter of Water, Gas, and Power Mechanical Meters to Digital. Some of the things that helped them get this medal were being eco-friendly, consuming clean energy, utilizing less space, limiting the dissipation of natural sources, and being usable in today’s world. However, how did this success come about?
On this route, Mr. Vahid Niroumand needed a mentor and adviser. He had the chance to know Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh, The Special Assistant of The President of IFIA. Consequently, Mr. Niroumand used Mr. Tajbakhsh’s consultations to think out of the box.
Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh had many discussions with Niroumand and his team about the society of invention and innovation and how to become one of the elite members of this community. This connection led to the creation of the Sleer Company and helped Mr. Niroumand with much recognition. This team commercialized the project on many different platforms, and with the help and advice of Mr. Tajbakhsh, they attended their first international presence was at an exhibition in Germany. After that, Mr. Niroumand and his group competed in eight different international events in South Korea, Kuwait, Canada, Turkey, Morocco, Poland, Croatia, and Switzerland resulted in six gold and three silver medals.


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