Masoud Tajbakhsh Is The Project Manager of IFIA’s New Project

Masoud Tajbakhsh Is The Project Manager of IFIA’s New Project, IFIA Innovation Standard, IIS

We are happy to announce that alongside being the Special Assistant to the President of IFIA, Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh has recently become the project manager of The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations’ new main project for 2022 named IFIA Standard Innovation, IIS.
The International Federation of Inventors’ Associations has always felt a gap between the investors interested in the invention ecosystem and the innovations looking to be commercialized. Therefore, the International Federation of Inventors’ Associations started IFIA Innovation Standard, IIS, as its main project for 2022 to fill the aforesaid gap. Therefore, the innovators can assure investors, third-party companies, manufactures, and startups that they are investing in a potentially marketable innovation, and they can acknowledge the innovators easily. Hence, the new “IFIA Innovation Standard” system is going to help many different inventors, innovators, companies, and startups promote their creations to the global market. So, whether the innovations are patentable or not, IFIA has set out this project to engage as many people as possible in the invention and innovation ecosystem. Therefore, if a creative person or the owner of an innovative process, product, or place, you can request to have this significant certificate.
As the project manager of this project, Masoud Tajbakhsh is going to try his best to achieve the goals of the IFIA Innovation Standard and include more people and potentials in this field and introduce them to invention and innovation.

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