IFIA Academy on The Road to Progress

IFIA Academy on The Road to Progress


The IFIA academy was founded in 2018 aiming to recognize and encourage university inventors, enhance the visibility of academic technology and innovation, educate and mentor interested students in the fields of invention at the universities from all around the world.

During the past two years, the Academy has focused on developing the culture of creativity, invention, and innovation at various universities to promote attempting for ideal and producing world-leading academic inventions.

At the IFIA academy, we believe that academic invention and innovation leads to economic growth and is the key factor for the success of enterprises, SMEs, and startups.

IFIA Academy Objectives in 2020:

1.Recognize and publicize the universities’ inventions

2.Raise university student awareness

3.Create Global Academic Inventors Network

4.International Academy Connectivity

5.Invite and engage more universities with the invention

6.Provide a platform to get known in the innovation world

7.Explore opportunities of universities’ invention

IFIA Academy Activity Report 2019: 

After IFIA president emphasizing on increasing academic activities in 2019 and promoting innovation all around the world, IFIA’s Academic members have published two books related to innovation which are named:

1- Individual & Technical skills’ development in the innovation field

2- Challenges and opportunities for innovation management in today’s world

Also, IFIA’s Academic section began actions based on the assignment arranged in 2019 as follows:

As IFIA’s representative and academic sector coordinator, Mr. Tajbakhsh was a respected guest at the Cyprus International University where he had a meeting with the Vice-Rector of International Affairs and had a special meeting with some talented kindergarten children in case of protecting environment issues. He also participated in the Global Invention Forum which was held in May 2019, at Limassol to disseminate the culture of invention and delivering the IFIA president’s message at the opening ceremony.

In May 2019, Mr. Hossein Vaezi Ashtiani accompanied some Iranian inventors who had prosperously taken part in the 47th Geneva international invention fair 2019 to have a meeting with Mr. Markus Leitner, the Swiss Ambassador at the ambassador’s residence in Iran.

In Syria, Mr. Tajbkhsh made an appearance in the 19th Al Bassel Fair for Invention, in which 387 inventions and 827 Syrian creators and inventors were selected to participate. He gave a worthwhile speech at the awards ceremony at the Damascus University, emphasizing IFIA’s opportunities for Syrian inventors and also had a meeting with the Minister of Interior trade and consumer consumption of Syria.

Mr. Masoud Tajbakhsh hosted a three-day conference held in Milad Tower Conference Hall and gave several speeches prompting the participants to embrace change, break the mold, think out of the box and welcome challenges and difficulties for many interested participants.

Also, have in mind that IFIA’s academy representative gave some encouraging speeches for many university students in some of Iran’s top universities such as Amirkabir University of Technology (Tehran Polytechnic), Shahrood University of Technology, Semnan University, Semnan Medical University, and Gorgan Medical University in this year.

It is worth to mention that he had some speech at the Belgrade Polytechnic University, Aydin Istanbul University, Cyprus International University, Sejong University, Tehran University, Elmo Sanat University, Khajenasir University, Bahonar Kerman university, Golpayeghan University, Shahrekord University, and Medical Islamic Azad University previously.

In conclusion, IFIA Academy had an incredible boom this year and IFIA’s academy representative inspired so many people around the world and encouraged them to take a step forward for their progress in the innovation path.

More information: https://www.thepatent.news/2020/03/11/ifia-academy-progress/